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Death of a Witch

Ever wonder how many ways you can kill a witch?  Evan Taylor did.  He’s an artist from Tulsa, OK and I must say, I love his morbid sense of humor.

Taylor has “extinguished” the Wicked Witch all over Oklahoma. She’s been rolled up in hay, run over with a lawn mower, drowned under a bridge, and has also died a few times on visits down Oklahoma’s beautiful stretch of Route 66. The Golden Driller has even had his way with her!
If you live in Tulsa you can check out a good 30 shots of her “death”.  If not, we’ll have to wait…  Taylor said that he may be launching a site for everyone that’s not able to make the show.  Learn more about where to see the show and see a couple teaser shots after the break.


On Thursday, Oct. 28th, from 6:00 – 9:00 p.m. at Dwelling Spaces in downtown Tulsa, there will be a photo show like no other that the world has ever seen. “Death of a Witch” is edgy, fun, creative and yes, just a little morbid!

Over two years in the making, the depiction of the famed witch’s demise is now documented and ready to be shown at the ever-cool Dwelling Spaces in the heart of the Blue Dome District in downtown Tulsa. Art will be on display and for sale. From buttons, to greeting cards, and large framed art to mini-prints, everyone will be able to walk away with a piece of the witch.

Joining in the fun is a modge-podge of local businesses: Cosmic City has designed a “Death of a Witch” shirt, along with Joebots Coffee doing a “Death Latte” and Yokozuna rounding out the group with a special “Witchcraft Roll”l that will be available all through November. The show will hang during that entire month, including during the return of the musical “Wicked” at the Performing Arts Center, which was a partial inspiration for the photo show.

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