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Mandle – Man candle in a recycled beer bottle

These have possibly the greatest candles ever!  I know that sounds a little gay but hold on…  In the words of Koi Kouture (the artist behind this creation) these are Mandles($28).  What the hell is a mandle you ask?  Well let let me explain.  A mandle is a 220z Rogue beer bottle turned into a candle holder.  Pretty kick ass right?  Well the mandle magic doesn’t stop there.  Mandles are candles that smell like manly things because vanilla scented candles in teacups are for chicks!  You pick the scent and the bottle

Here are the scents you can choose from:

HOOTERS WAITRESS SCENTED: Suntan Oil with the faint smell of old deep fryer oil.
HUNGRY MAN TV DINNER SCENTED: Roast Beef with Creamed Corn (real enough to make you throw up in your mouth a little)
STRIPPER BREATH SCENTED: Watermelon Jolly Rancher with a little stale smoke
HAM & CHEESE SANDWICH ON RYE SCENTED: Ham and cheese on rye…with a tiny bit of mustard. This scent is awesome!
MUNCHIES SCENTED: Fritos with an underlying layer of dried pot and a tiny bit of smoke.
CARNY: Cotton Candy and Corn Dogs…with a little motor oil.
TRAILER PARK: Motor Oil, Fresh Dirt and despair (not really)
CAMPING: Roasted Marshmallow and campfire
OH NO, IT’S THE COPS!: Coffee and Donuts
ROAD TRIP: Beef Jerky
OLD SPICE (Because the new commercials are amazing!)
PINK STARBURST: Just like the pink starburst!
SPRING BREAK: Suntan oil
CRAZY OLD FISHERMAN: Fishing Boat and Old Spice
AXE BODY SPRAY: Just like the one your little brother in college wears.
FRESH CUT GRASS: Men love nothing more than mowing the lawn and drinking a beer.
LEATHER: Just like the leather couch in a bachelor pad

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Dead Guy Ale
American Amber Ale
Capt. Sig’s Northwestern Ale
Shakespeare Stout
Kell’s Irish Style Lager
Orange Honey Wheat
Juniper Pale Ale
Hazelnut Brown
Yellow Snow IPA
Mom’s Hefeweizen
St. Rogue Red
Brutal Bitter
Youngers Special Bitter

Arrogant Bastard Ale
Bitter Chocolate Oatmeal Stout

(these are the bottles I use for the “FOR THE LADIES” MANDLES)
Le Fleur Misseur
Beir de Mares


“Mandles” come in recycled Rogue Brewery beer bottles. Because men drink beer…and so do some awesome girls (I’m just saying). These bottles have been hand crafted in a studio full of power tools and beer, while Whitesnake plays in the background. The rim is sanded completely smooth, but even if they weren’t and you cut yourself, that would be fine, because you’re tough like that.


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