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Peanut Butter Bacon Cup Goodness

We’ve seen our fair share of things on that aren’t the greatest ideas.  In fact, there is an entire site dedicated to them…  However dear friends, when you mix delicious milk chocolate, creamy all natural peanut butter and applewood smoked bacon you are far from tragedy.  You have possibly one of the greatest creations ever.  Did we mention it had Bacon?

So how much will these 4″ diameter, 6oz Peanut Button Bacon Cups set you back?  You may assume a small fortune for a treasure like this but you’ld be wrong.  You get two of these giants for $13.  Check please!


  • Herp Says

    This place doesn’t get much traffic, does it?

    • cwhitmore Says

      Ha! Not enough… My day job has been super busy this summer/fall and since this is a side project of mine I haven’t been able to update near as often as I used to. I hope to change that soon.

      Thanks for at least checking it out.

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